Do I Need A Mosquito Treatment Plan?

Here in Hampton Roads, Virginia, mosquitoes are just about everywhere and for that reason, everyone should consider a mosquito treatment plan. Mosquitoes are relentless pests. They bite just about everyone and have been a nuisance at backyard parties for centuries. What is most important these days about mosquitoes in the United States is that now they can carry diseases such as the Zika virus. Aside from the diseases they carry, some people are allergic to mosquitoes.

Though many people use mosquito repellents and you can spray your yards to kill them, these are temporary measures that won’t solve your overall mosquito problem. Yes, they are flying insects, so no matter what you do, you will probably never be mosquito-free. However, what you can control is making sure that your home is not their breeding ground. If you allow them conditions to breed, the number of mosquitoes you have will increase exponentially.

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Will My Mosquito Treatment Plan Keep Mosquitoes Away Long-Term?

Mosquitoes breed in standing water and they don’t need much to thrive. Depending on the species, they lay their eggs on or near the standing water source. They aren’t particular either. They are just as happy in an empty tire as they are in an empty pot for plants, or even in the top of a discarded jar lid.

Some species entire life cycle depends on the water being still while others don’t have eggs that hatch until a rainfall disturbs the water. Your treatment plan, therefore, depends on the mosquito variety you have. Here in Hampton Roads, to keep the mosquitoes at bay, we suggest routine treatments spaced a few weeks apart.

Doesn’t Insecticide Work On Mosquitoes?

Insecticide does work on mosquitoes, but there are many varieties of mosquitoes and insecticide and proper treatments amount and intervals are crucial to success. You don’t want to just cover your yard in insecticide not knowing what you are dealing with and without being trained in the proper techniques and application methods of these products. Improper application can waste your time and money, not to mention exposure your family and pets to unhealthy levels of insecticide.

When it comes to getting rid of mosquitoes, a mosquito treatment plan from Priority Pest Services can help control these pests and allow you to enjoy your yard again without being their picnic meal. We know how to identify and remedy their potential breeding grounds you may not have thought of, like standing water on flat roofs or leaky faucets that leave small puddles.

Our pest control professionals know how to find the many places that you don’t think of, recommend ways to correct the problems, and apply the correct insecticide and amount of it, to help control the mosquito population in your yard. Don’t suffer being lunch for these pests! Having trouble with mosquitoes? Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!