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Mosquito Control By Priority Pest Services

In Virginia, the season for mosquito control officially begins May 1st and runs through the end of October. Unfortunately, our local Hampton Roads and Coastal Virginia areas rank in the top 50 mosquito regions in the United States. So, we take special focus to offer services to keep these annoying and dangerous pests at bay.

At Priority Pest Services, we are proud to offer our mosquito services to residents of the cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk and other surrounding areas in Hampton Roads and the Coastal Virginia region.

Take Back Your Yard With Our Professional Mosquito Control Services

We know that mosquitoes suck and they can ruin your backyard party before it even begins! They don’t just ruin the party, they can make you itch and can spread a variety of diseases. Even our pets are victims of these blood sucking insects, and they can become sick from mosquito bites, too.

Mosquito Control TreatmentAt Priority Pest, our mosquito control service technicians treat the areas of your property than are most prone to mosquito breeding and habitat, including bushes, foliage and other targeted locations.

Don’t spend your time outdoors worried about the danger and annoyance of these annoying pests. Our suggested 21-day interval treatments helps to break the mosquito lifecycle by targeting adult mosquitoes and newly hatched larvae.

Many homeowners ask if these treatments are safe for pets, other insects and wildlife. The answer is yes, they are – if applied correctly. Our technicians are trained to treat your yard the right way, with careful focus to avoid flowering plants, and any areas that may negatively affect important pollinators like bees and similar insects.

We kill mosquitoes because, frankly, it’s us or them. Don’t let these bloodsuckers ruin the party. Take your yard back! Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule your mosquito control treatment!

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Want The Best Mosquito Control Services In Hampton Roads & Coastal Virginia?

Contact the mosquito control professionals at Priority Pest Services, and take back your yard!
I Need Mosquito Control!

The Lethal Mosquito

Mosquitoes can bite humans and transmit West Nile virus, Zika virus, and Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV). Considering the potential dangers of mosquito bites, it is good practice to take steps to minimize the ability for the mosquitoes to breed.

Yard Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes breed in standing water and they don’t need much! Even a small amount of water on a upside down flower pot or abandoned yard toy is ideal for mosquitoes to breed and flourish. With a life cycle of larvae hatching every 3 weeks, a few mosquitoes can quickly turn into thousands.

At Priority Pest Services, our mosquito control experts know how to get rid of these dangerous pests. Not sure if you need a treatment? No worries! Give us a call and we can schedule you for a free home inspection. We will inspect your property, and offer a treatment plan to help reduce and deter these pests from attending your next backyard event.

Here in hot and humid Hampton Roads, Virginia, it is a consistent, never ending battle to curb their population. When it comes to these dangerous pests, do-it-yourself commonly offer only minor relief. For a more effective solution, choose a mosquito control treatment solution from Priority Pest Services. Choose a one-time treatment to kill existing adult mosquitoes, or sign up for our highly recommended 21 days interval treatments to break the 3-week lifecyle of hatching larvae.

Are you ready to take back your yard? Get rid of those pesky mosquitoes with a quality, mosquito control treatment from Priority Pest Services!

Choose Priority Pest For Professional Mosquito Treatments

Best Mosquito Control ExterminationFemale mosquitoes are the ones that bite, to feed on our blood so they can reproduce. They lay their eggs in standing water in and around our homes. The close proximity to waterways adds to an already difficult problem to curb their population. If you are unsure what level of mosquito infestation you are dealing with, no worries. Our pest control experts will let you know exactly what the situation is and how to remedy.

Are mosquitoes hosting an all-out picnic on your family, friends and pets? Don’t wait because these bloodsuckers won’t be gone until the weather is cold enough to kill them. To schedule an appointment, call Priority Pest ServicesĀ at (757) 204-4523, or get in touch with us using our online contact form.

Our Mosquito Control Services

Priority Pest Services Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control treatments services do not require you to be home. Although, do assure that if you choose to not be home that we will have access to areas of your yard behind fencing.

Not sure if you need mosquito control? No worries! Call today for pricing based on size of property and be one step closer to living mosquito free. What are you waiting for? Give it a try! You deserve to enjoy your yard. Call us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule an appointment!

Mosquito & Mosquito Control Facts

  • There are approximately 200 different species of mosquitoes that exist in the United States.

  • Mosquito bites can irritate the skin, cause allergic reactions, and can transmit lethal diseases to humans and our pets.

  • The mosquito’s four-stage lifecycle entails three stages in water: egg, larva and pupa. Soon after, the adult mosquito emerges.

  • The CDC and the EPA work closely together with other agencies to protect the public from mosquito-borne diseases.

  • Our 21-day interval mosquito control services target the newly hatched adult mosquitoes thus effectively reducing the population.

Professional Mosquito Control Hampton Roads VA

While we cannot guarantee 100% success to keep every mosquito out of your yard, we promise our treatments will make a substantial difference in the ability for you to enjoy your yard. Our goal is to keep our clients happy. We offer mosquito control services to Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Poquoson and other select areas in Hampton Roads and Coastal Virginia.