I Can’t Get Rid Of The Moles!

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I Can’t Get Rid Of The Moles!

I Can’t Get Rid Of The Moles!

If you can’t get rid of the moles, we can help. At Priority Pest, we are commonly asked how to get rid of moles. The existence of moles can be due to territory but it can also be a sign of a high population of pests in the soil. Therefore, to successfully get rid of moles, it is suggested to use a professional mole trapping and mole removal service to assess the situation and determine the proper solution.

If your soil has an overabundance of grubs, a pest control treatment for your yard may be necessary. Frankly, there is only one absolute sure fire way to get rid of moles and that is to trap them and remove them from your yard. The Mole Patrol, a division of Priority Pest Services, is Virginia State Wildlife Certified. Our employees are highly trained and licensed technicians specialized in mole trapping, mole removal and mole treatment in the Hampton Roads area.

We know the frustration of dealing with moles. Getting rid of moles can be tricky. So, we provide you with your top local pick for a professional mole catching and removal service, Priority Pest Services’ Mole Patrol. Contact The Mole Patrol today and rid your lawn of that pesky yard mole infestation.

How To Get Rid Of The Moles? Call The Mole Patrol!

Get Rid Of The Moles MolehillsThe Mole Patrol offers mole trapping services, long-term soil treatments and combination services to remove the moles and keep them from wanting to return. There are all sorts of home remedies to rid your property of moles.

Sprinkling dried blood, coffee grounds, tobacco or other repellant in their tunnels are commonly suggested solutions to repel moles. Regardless, a persistent mole problem is best solved by professionally trapping and removing these pesky critters. Call us at The Mole Patrol at Priority Pest Services at (757) 204-4523 for your Free Home Inspection!

The problem with many general exterminating companies that are not specialized in handling mole infestations is that they frequently use gases or pesticides to repel the moles versus trapping. This is not the proper way to take care of a mole problem.

Using methods like gases and pesticides can be ineffective and many times the moles will just come back. If you have moles, The Mole Patrol will find them and remove them from your yard the right way.

Get Rid Of The Moles Now! – Call Our Expert Mole Trappers

When moles are damaging your yard and comprising the stability of the ground under your house, porch, deck, or other structures, it is crucial to take care of them quickly. Don’t waste your time on do-it-yourself efforts or exterminating companies that are not trained to handle a mole infestation.

Moles can ruin your lawn. Your home deserves better. If you want the best mole removal and mole trapping experts in Hampton Roads, Virginia, then call The Mole Patrol at (757) 204-4523!

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