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Mole Control By The Mole Patrol

Priority Pest Services is VA State Wildlife Certified and consists of highly educated and full-time licensed technicians who are dedicated to mole control. Our Mole Patrol division specializes in mole trapping, mole removal, mole treatment and other critter control in the Hampton Roads area.

The Mole Patrol’s mission is to help our customers preserve and protect their beautiful lawn from mole tunnels and other mole damage.

Mole Control Is An Important Part Of Your Pest Plan

Mole control is an important part of your lawn control pest plan. We strive to provide our customers with a polite and professional mole catching and mole extermination service.

Mole Control Mole Hills In The YardMoles create tunnels to travel and to feed. Their main diet is worms and grubs. They scrape away the dirt from underneath the plants and grass and the plants and grass die. Sleeping and eating in four-hour shifts allows them to cause much damage to your lawn in a short time.

We know getting rid of moles can be tricky. Although these pesky critters prefer to work alone, there is evidence that Eastern moles do not hibernate and are active all year. This means the Eastern mole can continue to damage your yard until the winter frost freezes the ground.

Research shows that some mole tunnels are communal highways and may be used by several moles. Also, other small animals may use the tunnels created by moles.

Contact The Mole Patrol today to set up a free inspection to check for mole activity in your lawn!

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Contact The Mole Patrol professionals at Priority Pest Services of Chesapeake, Virginia and begin the process of ridding your lawn of yard mole infestation.
I Need The Mole Patrol!

The Eastern Mole

Moles are small subterranean mammals of the scientific order, Insectivora, meaning their diet consists mainly of insects. The Eastern Mole is the most commonly found mole species in the state of Virginia. At approximately four to eight inches long, these moles have short, powerful forefeet and broad outward-turned palms.

Mole Control By The Mole PatrolWith an elongated head and snout and small eyes and ears, these short black or brown-grey velvety furred creatures have prominent digging claws. Their claws and normal behaviors can cause severe damage to your lawn. Moles in your lawn can potentially cause situations that may attract other insects and vermin to your home.

Because the Eastern mole does not hibernate, some moles will mate in the late winter months. Regardless, the peak mating season is in the spring, late February and March. Moles gestation period is approximately six weeks. Each year, the females can produce two to five young who leave the nest in search of their own territory. Young moles can reproduce as early as five to six weeks of age. For these reasons, moles are critters that homeowners should be concerned to eradicate and remove from their property.

The Mole Patrol Services

Mole Control Mole RemovalOur mole control services do not require you to be home. Instead, we can leave detailed reports for you at your home letting you know that we were there and the particular services we performed. Moles Dislike Us, Lawns Love Us!

Contact The Mole Patrol, a division of Priority Pest Services, for a free home inspection for mole activity and mole damage. We are your top, local mole control professionals in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Give us a call at (757) 204-4523 to schedule your appointment today, our use our online contact form on this website and we will call you! We specialize in mole trapping, mole removal and mole maintenance services, so they won’t come back! Don’t wait for more lawn damage. Stop those pesky critters now and save your beautiful lawn!

How Our Services Work

We offer Mole Trapping Services, Long-Term Soil Treatment, or a combination of BOTH Mole Trapping and Soil Treatment services. Contact us for a free home inspection and our quality professionals will assess the situation and suggest your best service solution.

  • To determine where to best place our traps, please do not disturb the dirt mounds.
  • We use underground traps so that there is no potential threat to children or pets.
  • We mark all traps with flags so you can easily identify them while mowing the lawn.
  • Our traps are lethal to moles and should be left only to the trained technicians to operate.
  • We also use natural and synthetic products to prevent future moles from feeding on your yard.

*Residents in the Suffolk and Peninsula area, please call for availability.

Help, Moles Are Damaging My Lawn!

Mole Pest Control Guide

If you are not sure exactly what level of mole infestation you are dealing with, no worries. Our mole trapping and mole removal experts at The Mole Patrol will let you know exactly what you are dealing with and how to fix the problem.

Are moles damaging your lawn? Don’t wait or the problem may get worse! Contact The Mole Patrol, a division of Priority Pest Services, at (757) 204-4523, or send us a message using our online contact form.

Mole Control FAQs

You need a mole extermination service to help maintain a beautiful lawn, prevent root damage, dead grass patches, soil erosion, tunneling and mounds. Mole damage to your lawn can diminish property value.

You need a pest control company that specializes in mole removal services to assure the job is done the right way.

Our top local professional mole control services help give you peace of mind by protecting your home, property and investment from mole damage.

Properties with previous mole infestations or properties need a mole control plan in place. If you want the best mole trapping and mole removal experts in Hampton Roads, then you need The Mole Patrol!

The Mole Patrol uses safe and effective methods to trap and remove moles guaranteeing the moles are gone.

An exterminator not specialized in trapping moles, frequently, only use pesticides and gases in an attempt to repel the moles. Not using the proper methods to remove moles makes it likely that the moles will return, or never leave in the first place.

Mole Facts & Habitat

  • A mole’s territory depends vastly on the food supply making irrigated and fertilized lawns the perfect home for these critters.

  • A mole’s territory consists of surface tunnels, main tunnels and nests.

  • Moles consume about 60% to 100% of their body weight in food daily, allowing them to dig up to 150 feet of mole tunnels in your lawn every day!

  • Moles remain active day and night year-round in search of food.

  • Moles do not eat plants but they can destroy them while tunneling, inviting mice and voles in to feed on the roots and bulbs.

While no service provider can ever guarantee success, we will always work hard and do our best to make our customers happy. We serve the areas of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and other select areas in Hampton Roads. *Residents in the Suffolk and Peninsula area, please call for mole control service availability.