Moisture Damage In Crawlspace

No homeowner wants to see “Moisture Damage In Crawlspace” on a home inspection report. Moisture damage in a crawlspace needs to be identified and addressed quickly, to minimize further damage, save on repair costs, and deter future occurrence.

Let us tell you about one of the homes we found with severe moisture damage. This was one of the worst moisture problems we have seen in our many years in the industry. To even call it moisture damage was an understatement. Every floor, joist and beam underneath this home was rotten, falling and collapsing. In total, 88 floor joists and 22 beams and girders were eaten up by moisture and wood decaying fungi.

The reason moisture is such a big problem in our Tidewater and Coastal Virginia area is because of the hot humid air we have in the warmer months, and then all the rain we get during the cold season. When hot air meets cold air underneath your home, it creates condensation. Where does this condensation go, you might ask? Straight to the wood and insulation of your home. Without a proper home ventilation system and crawlspace moisture barrier, it permeates into the wood and insulation materials and starts to attack your home.

Home Inspection Report: “Moisture Damage In Crawlspace”

If you do not have gutters around your home or a french drain, or tile drain system, we suggest you check your crawlspace more often. Be sure to perform routine home inspections to make sure all is well. With all the rain we get in our local Hampton Roads area, chances are, without some sort of drainage system, water will eventually seep under your home.

Moisture Damage In Crawlspace SolutionWhen water sits at a home’s foundation edges, over time, it can seep through into the crawlspace. In a similar way, moisture damage happens to the wood materials of your home. The wood in the crawlspace absorbs the moisture. Over time, moist wood causes mildew, fungi and, eventually, rot. In turn, rot degrades the structural integrity of your home’s support system.

Damage to your home’s structural support system typically means costly repairs. Structural damage can also cause a safety concern for your family and pets, or anyone that comes into the home. One way to assure your home does not have a moisture problem in the crawlspace is to get a professional home inspection from Priority Pest Services.

At Priority Pest Services, we offer free home moisture inspections. We will evaluate your home, and take moisture readings throughout the crawlspace. Our professional home moisture inspection reports address any areas of concern. Also, be sure to ask about our quality dehumidifiers and vapor barrier systems.

Wondering what we might find in your crawlspace? Don’t wait any longer to find out. Schedule an appointment for your Free Home Moisture Inspection today!