How Does Moisture Damage Your Home?

Moisture can damage your home in many ways. Moisture damage is damage from water itself and humidity. Humid weather aggravates moisture problems already existing in the home. Moisture and humidity lead to humid air and condensation. Condensation can lead to mold and mildew problems.

Commonly, moisture problems in a home begin in the crawl space. That is why every diligent homeowner should know what is going on under their home.

Crawlspaces without vapor barriers allow the moisture in the ground to absorb into the wood structures of your home. As moisture works its way into the crawl spaces, or basement of your home, wood flooring and carpets can also be affected.

Moisture levels rise in a home when the humidity level reaches 60% or above. At these high levels, food, clothing and other items can be ruined. In addition, metal building materials and appliances can rust and drywall can bubble and peel when continually exposed to levels of high humidity.

Moisture Damage Typically Gets Worse Over Time

Home Moisture DamageWhen it comes to water damage in a home, time will not heal all wounds. Furniture, carpeting and most woods will swell within a few hours. Within days, fungi can grow and the wood structural framing of your home will swell and can warp or split. Time only allows the water to do more damage.

The best way to minimize water damage is to take care of the damaged items immediately and cool the area quickly and keep it cool until thoroughly dry, to try and stop any fungi or molds from growing.

There are different insurance coverage policies for water damage and separate policies for flood damage. Not all water damage is covered by your insurance and damage from a flood might not be covered, even if you carry flood insurance. Therefore, it is crucial to keep close watch for any moisture issues in your home. Once you have water damage, you need to act fast to minimize further damages and expense.

This is why is it so important to have an annual home inspection by a professional company trained to look for signs of moisture damage like Priority Pest Services. Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you are routinely staying aware of what’s going on in your crawlspace and around your home’s foundation, chances are, you will find the problems earlier than later.

Moisture Damage Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Moisture damage in your home can be dangerous to your family’s health and expensive to your wallet. So, protecting your home from moisture damage is considered an important part of homeowner maintenance.

Moisture damage can be caused by a leaky pipe, clogged toilet, roof leak, improper drainage or foundation cracks. It can also be due to natural causes like floods, heavy snow or a high water table. Whatever the cause, remedying the problem quickly and proper cleanup are vital to salvaging your personal items and protecting the structural integrity of your home.

Excessive moisture in a home can also attract pests. Many pests like dust mites especially like warm temperatures and high levels of humidity. Having an effective air conditioning system and keeping it running to keep your home cooler and less humid helps keep your family more comfortable and will deter many pests from wanting to take residence.

Controlling the moisture levels in your home is best done with an overall strategic package of addressing your crawlspace areas with some sort of vapor barrier and insuring you have the proper amount of insulation and ventilation.

Contact the professionals at Priority Pest Services for a free home inspection for your crawlspace, attic and insulation systems. Don’t let high moisture levels damage your home! Give us a call to schedule a Free Home Inspection at (757) 204-4523.