A Healthy Crawl Space Makes a Healthy Home

A healthy crawl space is crucial to guarantee that your home has the proper protections and to keep areas monitored that are normally out of sight and out of mind. We highly suggest keeping an eye on your crawl space to help keep your home healthy and functioning well. Have you ever been in your home’s crawl space? Do you know what it takes to maintain a healthy crawl space? Most homeowners don’t think to check out the crawlspace of their home and those that do may not have the necessary trained eye to notice a problem.

Considering the age of many of our homes and how building codes and regulations have changed over the years, many homes were not insulated to today’s standards. Other times, regardless of code, the builder’s just did not insulate properly. In addition, over time, rodents and other pests can enter the crawl space and damage the insulation to the extent that drafts are created and unwanted moisture can enter your home. If your home is not insulated properly, you may notice that the temperature is not consistent from room to room, or season to season. Some rooms may be warmer than others in the summer and colder than others in the winter. This can be remedied with an installation inspection and service from Priority Pest Services!

The Proper Amount Of Crawl Space Insulation Helps Protect Your Home

Having the proper attic and crawl space insulation in your home is extremely important, as they are the most important to keep your home within the proper humidity levels and hold a consistent temperature. Since the temperature of your crawl space can also affect your heating and cooling costs, having the proper amount and coverage of insulation can save your wallet. If the insulation is not installed and maintained properly, it can result in higher heating and cooling bills, cause moisture damage and attract pests.

A healthy crawl space is achieved by addressing the space and installed insulation but it does not stop there. Crawl space doors and vents are often overlooked, and these can be the weak points in your home where pests can enter. Crawl space doors and vents do help with ventilation but they are not designed to remove moisture. If the crawl space humidity is not controlled, the stage is set for moisture damage to occur.

Contact Priority Pest Services To Keep Your Crawl Space Healthy

Even with the proper amounts of installation, pests, moisture and fungus are things that should be monitored for on a consistent basis. This is because the crawl space is where a lot of this damage starts and it is not an area of our home’s that we frequent, so things that happen in the crawl space are out of sight and out of mind. Because your  home’s crawl space is one of the most important, and most overlooked, areas of your home, it is crucial to know what is going on in this area.

You should be sure to have your crawl space inspected on a routine schedule, to make sure all is well. If you have not looked at your crawl space lately, Priority Pest Services can help. We know how important is it to know what is going on in your crawlspace, so we offer free home inspections to help you be able to anticipate and identity any issues that need to be addressed. Contact Priority Pest Services to schedule your free home crawl space inspection!