Inspect Your Crawlspace

Want some good advice from your local pest control experts at Priority Pest Services? Inspect your crawlspace at least once a year! Watch Devon Pilkington of Priority Pest Services talk about the importance of knowing what is going on in your home’s crawlspace in an interview on WAVY TV 10’s, The Hampton Roads Show. With the wet season we typically have here in Hampton Roads, it is important to make sure that moisture is not damaging your home. Typically, one of the first places you will see signs of moisture seeping into your home is in the crawlspace.

A damp crawlspace can lead to fungus, mildew or damage from termites and other pests. The inspectors at Priority Pest Services know that most homeowners don’t have the time nor expertise regarding what to look for when doing a home inspection. That is why we offer a thorough, free home termite, moisture and pest inspection. Contact¬†Priority Pest Services today to schedule an appointment for your free inspection! Remember, it is much better and less expensive to be proactive versus reactive. Find out what is going on in your crawlspace now, so you know the situation and can fix any existing problems and anticipate any future issues. You might be surprised what we find!

Let The Professionals At Priority Pest Services Inspect Your Crawlspace

During our home inspections, we take our time and look for all sorts of things like duct work, plumbing and structural support problems. Our free home, termite and moisture inspections are top in our industry. Give us a call to schedule your free inspection! Don’t wait until you hear something scampering around under your house. Be proactive and have Priority Pest Services inspect your crawlspace now. Protect your investment and protect your wallet from major home damages by finding out what is going on under your house.

Suspect you may have some mildew, fungus or moisture problems? We can help identify the problem, stop it from happening and repair the damages. Once we have remedied the cause and repaired the damages, consider one of our quality Priority Pest Control Maintenance Plans. We offer many options, for your convenience. Pick quarterly, every 60 days, monthly, or just call us as needed. If you are not sure which plan is best for your home, just ask. We can help you figure out which is best for your and your home’s situation.