What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Many homeowners ask us, “What is crawlspace encapsulation?” Crawlspace encapsulation is the process of sealing and controlling the environment in the non-living areas in your home. A crawlspace encapsulation can help your home avoid moisture problems. Typically, the crawlspace is referred to as the open area below the bottom floor of a house but some crawlspaces don’t fit that definition exactly. In fact, we have even heard homeowners referring to confined areas and spaces above their ceiling as crawlspaces. In this case, crawlspace encapsulation is referring to the area beneath your home’s bottom floor.

Many times, a home’s crawlspace provides ease of access to wiring, piping, structural components and utilities. It is also a great place to check for signs of pest infestation since to move inside your home, anything coming from underground or from outside will have to pass through this space. At Priority Pest Services, we are not only a pest control expert but we are also a Class A Contractor that knows how to fix moisture and pest related damages the right way! Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!

What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation? The Solution!

Moisture invades the crawlspace because it is most often below or at ground level and because of the nature properties of water and how it travels. Water vapor can move through cement and excess moisture can cause problems with the structural integrity of your home. This means that without a proper barrier between the foundation of your home and your living spaces above, your home will be at a disadvantage. Moisture control problems can cause rot and failure of structural elements, encourages mold and mildew. Mold and mildew encourage rot and eventual failure of structural elements.

Mold and mildew contribute to moisture damage in the home and can release spores that are health hazards. The security of your home and the health of your family require ideal conditions in the crawlspace. What is crawlspace encapsulation by Priority Pest? It can be the solution to help you get control of your home’s moisture levels.

So, what is crawlspace encapsulation going to do for your home? It can be the solution that helps you finally get a grip on an existing moisture problem. How do you limit the damage caused by a poorly controlled crawlspace? Fix it with a crawlspace encapsulation by Priority Pest Services! The best way to keep moisture out of your home is to prevent the moisture from entering in the first place. With a crawlspace encapsulation from our licensed professionals at Priority Pest, your other efforts to keep moisture levels to a minimum will be at an advantage.

What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation By Priority Pest?

Some companies will offer to “seal” the crawlspace with a product that is poured, painted or sprayed on the floor and part way up the wall. Sealing prevents moisture seepage from the ground. However, it does little to prevent moisture carried by air currents. Don’t choose an inferior company that does not understand that this is a band-aid fix.

If you are experiencing a moisture problem in your home, we know that this is a serious issue that needs to be resolved right away. At Priority Pest, we know that moisture attracts pests but we also know the damage it can do to the structural integrity of your home and the danger for your family. We are Class A Contractors and we are licensed and qualified to fix structural damages caused by moisture, in addition to our pest control expertise.

A proper crawlspace encapsulation entails not only sealing the floor but also the walls and even the ceiling of the crawlspace. When it is designed and installed correctly and with the proper materials, you will be able to maintain the conditions of your crawlspace to an optimum level. We pay special attention to the installation of the barrier at your crawlspace doors and crawlspace vents. Finally, a moisture control device such as a dehumidifier may be installed.

At Priority Pest Services, we have professionals trained in structural integrity, insulation needs and applications, moisture barriers and pest control. We turn your crawlspace into a dry, healthy space that will not cause these common problems. Let us do a free inspection and crawlspace encapsulation to protect your home and family. Call us today at (757) 204-4523.