What Is Pest Control Treated Insulation?

Have you heard of pest control treated insulation? This is the most effective insulation to deter bugs. Depending on where you live, regular insulation may suffice; if you live in damper conditions, maybe not. At Priority Pest, we are not just a pest control expert, we are also a licensed Class A Contractor that specializes in home repairs. With our dual expertise and insight, we know moisture can invite all kinds of pests and the trouble they bring.

The fact is, properly installed pest control treated insulation can create an effective barrier between pests and your living areas. Using this high technology insulation helps deter infestation, and rather than hanging out, these bugs and pests are persuaded to go elsewhere.

At Priority Pest Services, we are licensed and qualified to professionally install pest control treated insulation and we offer free home, termite and moisture inspections. Give a call today at (757) 204-4523 to schedule your free inspection!

We Install Pest Control Treated Insulation The Right Way

At Priority Pest Services, we are careful and thorough when we install pest control treated insulation in your home because we know it needs to be done the right way. If installed improperly, it could become a major entry point for a variety of pests.

When we perform any of our insulation services, any contaminated or damaged insulation is removed, and the entire area is disinfected. Then, we go back over the area and blow in the new pest control treated insulation. We do not just use the minimum 10 inch R-38; we use a thicker 12 inch to 14 inch layer of R-48. When you choose our professional insulation services, all measures are taken to keep pests from bugging you!

Adequate insulation helps to regulate the temperature inside your home. If your floors are ice cold but your upper level is notably warmer than the lower level, your insulation system is failing. If you are having difficulty controlling interior temperatures and are in need of some insulation services, you may want to use pest control treated insulation in your attic spaces with the dual strategy of better home insulation and to deter pests, too.

Need some insulation but you are not sure what you need, how much, or where? No worries! Priority Pest offers free home inspections that help you find out where you stand. Let us save you money every month by making sure your home is properly insulated.

Properly insulating your home will help to lower those excess heating and cooling costs! Don’t continue to pay for cool or warm air to leak out of poorly insulated walls, floors and ceilings. Contact Priority Pest Services at (757) 204-4523 for a complimentary quote for pest control insulation or any of our other insulation services. Let Priority Pest Services insulate your home and keep pests out at the same time. We offer free home inspections!

Call Us For Professional Pest Control Treated Insulation Services!

Priority Pest has the big picture experience and training to solve more than one problem at a time, so you gain the advantage. In addition to being extermination experts, we are also licensed Class A contractors and home repair professionals. This means that we do all our own repair work and construction, so the job gets done sooner and the right way!

With our dual expertise and insight, Priority Pest Services is your best pick for a pest control treated insulation company in Hampton Roads, Virginia and the surrounding area. Call us today at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home, termite and moisture inspection!