The Value Of Pest Control Insulation

Pest control insulation is designed to help protect your home against certain pests. It is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved product that usually, also, contains some fire retardant properties. If your home is over ten years old, there is a strong chance that it is lacking on insulation. At over ten years old, most likely, any existing insulation was not designed to control pests.

Annoying insects and other vermin can hide and breed in the walls of your home. They come out at night to seek food and water and can cause severe damage during their efforts. If your home is already lacking on insulation, it makes sense to find out exactly what you need to add, and where, to protect your investment.

Pest control insulation is most effective when blown into an area versus using traditional rolls. Blowing in insulation, whether it is designed to control pests or not, helps to form a perfect fit and fill the gaps and edges. Most home insulation professionals will deem pest controlling insulation a superior product when compared to traditional installation.

Your Local Pest Control Insulation Experts

Attic Pest Control InsulationAll pest control insulation should be installed by a licensed professional. This assures proper use and handling, not to mention meets EPA requirements. Most pest control insulation is thicker than traditional products. The thicker material and design resists heat transfer and helps to maintain more consistent temperatures. In most cases, the better insulation properties of a pest control product are well worth the effort of a professional install.

Pest control insulation helps to save costs on your home’s heating and cooling bills. Since it is thicker, it is usually an acoustical buffer, too. This buffer helps to minimize sounds between rooms and floors.

We are your top local professionals for pest control insulation systems. Ask us about a complimentary inspection of your home’s insulation. When it comes to protecting your home, make sure to choose a top notch insulation company. Call your local insulation professionals! Contact Priority Pest Services to schedule an appointment today!