Wasp And Hornet Removal In Hampton Roads

At Priority Pest Services, we do not offer hornet removal services. We do not remove wasps or hornets. Regardless, we hope the following information will help you get rid of those stinging insects as soon as possible.

Hornet removal by a novice can turn into a bad decision very quickly. Most homeowners can the difference between a honey bee and a wasp, or hornet, most don’t know the difference between a wasp and a hornet. Actually, not to confuse but hornets are a subspecies of wasp.

The point is to understand what type of insect you are dealing because that information gives you an advantage to knowing how best to remove the pest while keeping yourself safe. Knowing how to identify a hornet is a good way to help protect your home, yourself and your family.

Wasps Versus Hornets

Wasps are best characterized by their thin, long and dangling legs while flying. They lay their eggs in parasitic hosts. Some wasps have two pair of wings and some wasps have none. In comparison, all hornets have two sets of wings and lay their eggs in a hornet-built nest. Hornets are physically similar to wasps but with much more rounded and thicker abdomens and, typically, larger heads.

The best wasp nest removal solution for your home depends on what type of wasp you are dealing with, social or solitary. Nests can be above or below ground.

Hornet Removal Can Be Tricky

Hornet removal can be tricky, as homeowners will find hornet nests usually in a higher location than lower, but not necessarily. Frequent hornet nest locations are under eaves, decks, in trees, bushes and even in the ground. They prefer any location that is undisturbed but can still end up making a nest in the doorway of your back porch! If you see such a nest, and several insects in vicinity of this description, these are probably hornets.

Hornets can be very aggressive and can sting multiple times. A hornet sting can be fatal to a human. On the other hand, some wasps can be more aggressive than hornets. Yet, most wasps tend to be less aggressive than the hornet variety.

Be Careful With Hornets

Hornets are social insects and, like bees, they live in a colony in a nest with a queen. Like bees, hornets sting, yet a hornet can sting multiple times, and the venom and sting is much more painful to a human. Allergy to hornet stings is always a concern, although most stings are rarely fatal, an attack from a swarm of hornets can be deadly. When it comes to hornets, it is always wise to not try to do-it-yourself, especially if the hornet nest is large.

Most hornets tend to be less aggressive at night and should all be inside the nest. That is the best time to get a closer inspection of the nest. Regardless, again we emphasize that hornet removal is not a wise do-it-yourself project. If you attempt to knock down the nest, or many times even enter too close a proximity, the hornets will signal that as an attack and will defend their nest quite aggressively.