Why Do I Need A Professional Home Inspection?

You need a professional home inspection for many reasons. It is so important that just about everyone will advise you to get a professional home inspection, especially if you are purchasing a new home. The problem is that after the purchase, it is not on many homeowner’s radar to keep up with routine inspections.

The importance of a professional home inspection cannot be understated. Professional home inspections can reveal pest problems, moisture problems, foundation problems, chimney issues, repairs that need to be done and all kinds of things that your average homeowner may not notice.

When buying a new home, a home inspection is highly advised. Consider that the people you are purchasing the home from didn’t intentionally let detected problems form, and they may be quite unaware. Odds are, the inspection may reveal problems the sellers probably didn’t even realize they had. Regardless, buying a new home is not the only time you should get an inspection.

How will you know what is going on in the home without someone with a trained eye taking a look? Bottom line, you must take proactive action to find out what is going on in your home. At Priority Pest Services, we know how important it is to know what is going on with your home, and we know that most homeowner don’t have the time or the skill sets to do a proper inspection, so we offer free inspections. Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule your free home inspection!

What Can A Professional Home Inspection From Priority Pest Services Reveal?

Aside from the usual concerns like leaky roofs or cracked foundations, a professional home inspection from Priority Pest Services can also reveal pest infestations, moisture problems, insulation issues and structural damage. These issues are not always easy to see and resolve and, commonly, home inspectors are focused in on looking for problems that would affect the value of a house, or reveal issues relating to city coding regulations and problems you would have to fix like a new roof or minor leaks that indicate tuckpointing problems. They can miss things, especially pest related issues that may not be easily identified without a trained eye.

At Priority Pest Services, we are dual hatted and have the skills and experience to identify and remedy both pest related and non-pest related damage and concerns. Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!

Why Choose A Company That Is Dual Hatted Like Priority Pest Services?

A company that is dual hatted like Priority Pest Services that can handle both pests and home repairs is to your advantage. Someone with a trained eye to understand how pests can damage your home, and how certain situations in your home can be an attractant for pests gives you a deeper layer of comprehension of what is going on with your home, and how to protect it from damage.

When you choose Priority Pest Services, whether the problem is pest related or otherwise, you get a full circle strategy of protections. Wondering what is going on in your home? Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!