What Makes A Healthy Attic?

A healthy attic, or an unhealthy attic, can tell you a lot about your home. A routine home inspection by Priority Pest Services will keep your attic happy and healthy. Our free home inspection covers your attic, any basement or crawlspace areas, and all living spaces of your home.

As most quality inspectors will agree, attic conditions tell a lot about your house’s health. It is important to know what is going on in your attic in all seasons. Although, some seasons, especially the colder months, an attic inspection can give much more insight into potential problems.

Let’s face it, attics can be uncomfortable for most homeowner’s to maneuver. Whether it is due to physical issues or just not mentally wanting to deal with the dark corners and creepy crawlers that may be lurking in the shadows, we understand. At Priority Pest, our goal is to help you keep your home and family safe from pests. Let us do the dirty work while you do something more fun!

A Healthy Attic Is Important All Year-Round

In the winter season, our motivation is to stay inside in the warmth of our homes and minimize activity. In actuality, these cold months are an ideal time to find problem areas in your home. One of the first places to check is the non-living spaces, like any crawlspaces or attics. Since the attic areas gives great visibility to the underneath of the roofing shingle nails, it is a key area to be sure to inspect on a routine basis.

Many homeowners don’t know that the existence of frost, icicles and even the pattern of snow on a roof can be evidence of a problem. Mold, improper ventilation, and ice damming are all signs that something is not ideal, or worse. It is important to have someone with a trained eye to inspect your attic. That is why we train our Priority inspectors and technicians to go through all areas of your home thoroughly.

Want A Healthy Attic? Call Priority Pest Service For A Free Home Inspection!

Leaks around chimneys, eaves, improper insulation and ventilation all play a part in achieving a healthy attic. As your home is one of your most valuable assets, it deserves a fair amount of care and quality. Most homeowners are not aware of what to look for, and don’t know what to do when they find a problem. That is why we are here, to help you!

Many potential attic and other problems can be prevented before they cause damage to your home. The concern is that the average homeowner will not be able to identify a problem, nor resolve it without professional help. You need our professionally trained eye to assure your home is safe from damages. Contact Priority Pest Services for a free in-depth home and attic inspection!