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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQs for answers to our most common questions. Use the FAQs topics to sort for what you need. Still have a question about pest control or other Priority Pest services? Contact us and let us know how we can help.

Why should I choose Priority Pest Services? 2017-11-09T03:23:12+00:00

When you choose Priority Pest Services, you are not just choosing a regular termite and pest control company. Priority Pest also can help you with moisture control and related damages. We require our technicians to attend weekly safety meetings to ensure that we are 100% safe with the materials we are using, and make sure that we are performing our inspections and applying treatments properly.

We are family owned and operated, and we know how important it is to you to keep your home and family safe. We know what it takes to protect your home from termites, other pests, and the dangerous hazards of moisture damage like breathing molds and mildews. If not addressed, these problems can cause structural damage to your home that can affect your family’s personal safety, and your home’s value.

We take great pride in our work. You can count on Priority for only the highest levels of skill and professionalism because you and your home deserve nothing less! From pest control services to moisture control and insulation services, choose Priority Pest for a full range of services to help you no only take care of the pests, but to protect and maintain one your most valuable assets, your home.

At Priority, we treat every client with the utmost respect and make the customer our #1 Priority!  We hope that you will choose Priority Pest to be your termite and pest control company. In Hampton Roads, we are WAVY TV 10’s Trusted Pest Control Expert, and we want to be yours too! Let us make you our #1 Priority! Contact Priority today for a FREE home termite, pest and moisture inspection. Let our pest inspectors and quality pest technicians help formulate a solution to help you keep the pests out and help you protect and maintain the value of your home. Don’t let pests take over your home! Keep them out with a year-round, quality pest control plan – choose Priority Pest Services!

Why should I hire a pest control professional when I can try and do it myself? 2017-11-09T03:10:31+00:00

When is comes to pest control around the home, many homeowners consider, “Why should I hire a pest control professional when I can try and take care of the pest problem myself? The fact is most do-it-yourself remedies for pest control and pest removal are not effective over the long term. When you have a termite, or other pest or moisture problem with your home, it can affect your family’s safety and your home’s value.

Because these problems can be so costly to your family and home, we always suggest a pest control professional for these types of issues, to figure out exactly what the problem is, and make a plan to fix it quickly. Many do it yourself fixes will only give you temporary results, and in some cases, they will not work at all. The potential for costly damage and the frustration of trying a quick fix can give you a lot of headaches and cause sleepless nights.

Call Priority Pest, your professional go to to find the pests and get them out of your home the right way. Since we deal with pest control problems all the time, we know the pests’ habits, so we know exactly where to look in your home to find them and their entry and exit points. We have professional and proven methods to rid your home of the problem, and protect it from further infestation and/or damage.

At Priority Pest, our staff has over 70 years experience in the exterminating business, so we know what we are talking about. Our employees attend weekly training to keep up with industry standards and application techniques. We know the area and the problems to address, we have the right solutions to fix the problem and we aim to please! What are you waiting for? Contact Priority for a free home inspection!

How long does it take to see results after treatment? 2017-11-09T03:24:55+00:00

After a Priority Pest control treatment, the time will vary on how it takes to see results since it all depends on how bad the infestation. If you do not have a bad pest problem, then you should see results in as early as a month. On the other hand, if you have a more severe pest problem, it could take up to three months to see results.

Another thing to realize is that, many times, after a pest control treatment, you may notice the pest activity is worse. This is common since we actually treated right into where they are living. Just as if someone sprayed into your home, you would come running out and go somewhere else, too. As for a termite treatment, right after the termiticide as been applied around your home, you may still see activity for up to 60 days. The reason being is it the termite treatment chemical is designed to be a slow kill on the termites, not a contact kill.

Why should I continue a maintenance program if I no longer see pests? 2017-11-09T03:30:54+00:00

At Priority Pest, we suggest you always continue a pest maintenance plan even if you no longer see evidence of any pest activity. If you lapse in your pest control maintenance plan, the pests could decide to come back in, and having to treat pests already inside your home will give them a chance to get a firm hold in your home, and it will be more costly to treat the problem. Keeping them out is easier and less expensive than letting a pest infestation re-occur. If the pests return, then we will have to re-treat and, if there is hesitation in timing of the pest treatment, it could be too late, as they may have taken back over again.

For termites, a termite control maintenance plan is something you most definitely should have and want to keep current because this gives you a lot of advantages. Priority Pest termite treatment and protection plans include free yearly home termite inspections, and if we do find termites in a home under contract, we will treat the problem at no additional cost.

Are the products that Priority Pest uses safe for my family and pets? 2016-12-01T23:05:53+00:00

The products that Priority Pest uses are certainly safe for your family and pets. We also offer GREEN pest control, for those who might feel the regular pest control is just not for them.

Every one of our Priority Pest inspectors are trained to handle the chemicals and apply them properly, and they know how to handle any situations that may occur in the safest and most professional way possible. Our trucks carry a MSDS sheet for each product, and this extra information is available to the customer for review. If you have any further questions about Priority Pest products, please call or send us an email, and we will be happy to assist.

How do I know if I have termites in my home? 2017-11-09T03:34:19+00:00

There is one easy way to tell if you have termites in your home. Just call Priority Pest today, and ask about our free home termite inspection. Every home deserves a thorough termite inspection by a licensed professional.

At Priority, we give your home a professional termite inspection while we take special attention to also look for other possible problems. Things like leaks in the plumbing could be causing a lot of moisture in your crawlspace, and any unsecured entry points where rodents can get in and maake your home their home. It only takes a quick phone call, or email, to setup a time for us to come out and inspect your home for termites. Contact us today for a free home and termite inspection. Let us make you our #1 Priority!

What is the difference between a flying ant and a termite? 2016-12-01T23:26:02+00:00

Ant versus TermiteOne of the questions we get asked a lot is, “What is the difference between a flying ant and a termite?” There are a few ways to tell. First, winged termites have a straight waist and straight antennae. Their two sets of wings are equal in size and those wings are shed soon after they emerge from their nest, or swarm. Winged termites usually swarm in the early Spring, when it is warm and rainy.

Flying ants have skinny waists and bent antennae and are often mistaken for swarming termites. Unlike termites, when comparing flying ants’ two sets of wings, one set is larger than the other. Depending on their species, flying ants will swarm at different times of the year.

If you need help identifying a pest, or if you know for sure that you have termites, contact Priority Pest for a free home termite inspection, a professional opinion and a proper fix. We offer termite treatment services and maintenance plans to keep your family and home rid of these damaging pests.

Does Priority Pest only offer exterminating services? 2017-11-09T03:36:50+00:00

At Priority Pest, we actually do a lot more than pest exterminating and maintenance. We consider ourselves your home’s best friend. We do structural repairs underneath homes, take care of your moisture control issues with french drains, dehumidifier and sump pump systems and vapor barriers. We also offer attic and crawlspace insulation services, including crawl space door installation, and more. Just check out our Services page for all the details.

We carry the highest credentials in the fields of pest control and pest extermination. All Priority Pest technicians are certified by the state of Virginia to apply pesticides and we have state certified inspectors on staff, so our customers can rest assured that our services are performed properly and with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

We also carry a Class A Contractors license with Building Technical Classification, so we can handle anything you might need to protect your family and your investment in your home. Contact us and schedule an appointment today. Let us make you our #1 Priority!

Does Priority Pest Services offer any discounts or coupons? 2016-12-01T23:05:52+00:00

Yes, please enjoy the coupons available on this website. Also, we offer military and senior citizen discounts. Be sure to ask us about the details when you contact us to schedule your appointment. We offer FREE inspections!