Earwig Exterminator

Do you need an earwig exterminator? Honestly, that depends on the number and location of the earwigs. If the earwigs are outside, that is where you want them to stay. On the other hand, if the earwigs are in your home, you may need the expertise of a professional earwig exterminator from Priority Pest Services.

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Earwigs prefer to eat plant material of all sorts and sometimes other insects. They like dark, moist crevices and can be found in places where dirt and debris collect. There is debate about whether they pose a real threat or do harm to gardens and such, but in the house, an earwig infestation is usually a sign of a home moisture control problem.

When you see more than a handful of earwigs in your home, think moisture control. A leak or other moisture problem in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room can be an attractant for earwigs. Since earwigs eat plants and other insects, there may be an unknown, additional pest infestation that is the food source for the earwigs.

Your Professional Earwig Exterminator – Priority Pest Services!

Because these creatures are not typically found inside the home, an earwig infestation inside your home is a courtesy indication to the homeowner that a thorough home inspection is overdue. Annual home inspections are the standard, yet, if you are experiencing a problem with earwigs, or other pests, more frequent inspections may be necessary.

Since pests and moisture control problems commonly go hand-in-hand, and maintaining a home is a continuous battle of maintenance and upkeep, we offer you a comprehensive list of pest control and home moisture control services.

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