We specialize in water drainage systems for yards and business’s.

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The Drainage Guys is a full service licensed drainage company specializing in solving standing water puddles & back yard flooding issues. If your neighbor’s land stands at a higher elevation than yours, you may be experiencing water getting or standing around your foundation. We can solve your problems with a variety of solutions including, French Drains, Re-sloping, Water Barriers or Sump Pumps, or dry creeks.

We can install channel drains across your patios, keeping water away from your home. We use PUC and corrugated pipe to achieve projects. We install all NDS products per install specifications.

Yard Drainage

  • Flood Prevention
  • Ground Re-slope / Sod
  • Flood Water Removal
  • French & Area Drains
  • Channel Drains in Patios
  • Erosion Control
  • Puddle Problems
  • Retainer Walls / Water Barriers
  • Sump Pumps
  • Gravity Fed Catch Basins
  • Soggy Yards
  • Downspout Runoff
  • Foundation Saturation
  • Drain Wells
  • Custom Drainage Solutions
Backyard Drainage Solutions
Backyard Drainage Solutions

Houston Yard Drainage Services & Installation

Standing water around your foundation slab can cause your slab to move or crack and cause costly foundation repairs.

Why is Drainage Services Important

Have you ever experienced flooding in the areas of your landscape or perhaps puddles after a rain? Poor drainage is often the result of improper grading or a landscaping deficiency. The terrain is such that water does not naturally flow and infiltrate the soil. Once the ground is saturated, excess water naturally ponds in areas of lower elevation, making your yard a muddy mess. Over time, this can result in:

  • Structural damage
  • Soil erosion
  • Plant and turf damage
  • Fungus, mold, and mildew
  • Mosquito infestation

Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage is the foundation of any landscape. Our experienced professionals will work to understand the underlying cause of your drainage issue and redirect the water away from the problem areas. Depending on the severity and unique conditions of your drainage problem, we may recommend the following solutions:

  • Downspout Piping & Drainage
  • French Drains
  • Dry Wells
  • Catch Basins & Channel Drains
  • Grading/Swales
  • Top Soil Placement
  • Sump Pump Systems
Drainage Solutions

We build retaining walls that act as Protective Water Barriers.

Our beautiful retainer walls provide an added barrier to your property and give your landscaping a unique and manicured appearance.

Backyard Drainage Solutions

Drainage Services

The over-all beauty of a landscaping design does not just depend on whether it is just pleasing to the eye. Equally important is your landscape irrigation. Additionally, your landscape irrigation would not be as effective and functional if your drainage is not as efficient as well. Drainage services are often times an overlooked part of all homeowners opting to have their backyards or frontages designed. And sadly, there are a few landscape contractors who actually considers the over all drainage and irrigation of the landscape. Many homeowners in the Hampton Roads area regularly experience poor drainage. More than just a nuisance, drainage problems can be devastating, resulting in costly repairs to your home and property.

Clog-Free Drain Grates

Clog-Free Drain Grates

Gutter Downspout Drainage

Gutter downspout drainage

Sump Pump to Pump Water Uphill

Sump Pump to Pump Water Uphill