Can A Cockroach Survive Without A Head?

Can a cockroach survive without a head? Yes, they can! Well, at least for some time. This is definitely something humans cannot do. A cockroach can survive without a head since its circulatory system doesn’t contain a huge network of blood vessels, and there is not a lot of pressure in the system. So, an injury, even a major injury like the removal of its head, will clot quite quickly.

Without a head, surprisingly, a cockroach will still be able to breathe through a set of valves located on its body called tracheae, or spiracles. Of course, in losing its head, the roach would lose its mouth and antenna and would not be able to eat nor maneuver well.

Regardless, if a roach just ate before it lost its head, it could survive for weeks! Eventually, without a way to drink, a headless cockroach will eventually die from dehydration. Don’t let a headless cockroach wander around your home until it dies from dehydration. Contact Priority Pest Services online or give us a call at (757) 204-4523. We will take care of those cockroaches for you, headless or not!

Can Cockroaches Hold Their Breath?

Can roaches hold their breath? Yes, they can! In 2009, an Australian study found that roaches can hold their breath up to as long as seven minutes! This is a bit longer than is realistic for the typical human.

A cockroach can shut off their spiracles and stop breathing. Researchers suggest that this ability could help them to avoid some pesticides and also help them to maintain moisture.

The Professional Cockroach Exterminators – Priority Pest Services!

As much as cockroaches annoy us with their persistence and difficulty of removal, it makes sense that they will probably be around for a long time. The battle between humans and roaches is continuous and relentless.

Removing cockroaches successfully is best handled by the pest control professionals at Priority Services. We knowing what pest control treatments and methods will be most effective for the specific type of cockroach that is infesting your home. Give us a call today at (757) 204-4523 to schedule an appointment for a free home inspection!