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Birds In The Attic Ruffling Your Feathers?

Birds In The Attic Birds in the attic can be a stressful and frightening ordeal. Maybe you don't want to hurt the bird by trying to shoo it out, but you can't leave it there. Maybe you are afraid of birds and trying to get it out yourself in just out of the question. [...]

Opossums In Winter

Opossums In Winter Opossums in winter are a common sight for many homeowners. Like many creatures in the winter, they have a tough life. Their life can be a bit tougher because they do not hibernate nor do they migrate. Therefore, they must forage through the winter season in constant search of food, water [...]

Why Is There An Opossum In My Yard?

Why Is There An Opossum In My Yard? At Priority Pest Services, we get a lot of calls from people asking, “Why is there an opossum in my yard?” Do you have a nocturnal visitor that climbs along your fence and hangs around in your trees? Is your dog barking at an unwanted, pale [...]