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Rats Can Attract Snakes

Why Rats Can Attract Snakes The fact is that rats can attract snakes, and that can be scary! To find out what attracts snakes or rats to your home, it is best to consult a wildlife specialist who understands more about their nature and habits. Although it is common to think that snakes or [...]

What Attracts Snakes To Your House

What Attracts Snakes To Your House What attracts snakes to your house to curl up under your porch or take residence in your garden? They may be hunting birds and rodents, or since they are cold-blooded reptiles, they may just be trying to regulate their body temperature. When dealing with snakes and the vermin [...]

Snake Removal

Snake Removal & Prevention Snake removal and prevention can be a complex job but that makes sense because snakes and people have a complex relationship. Some people like snakes but most would still not want to find an uninvited snake in or around their home. At Priority Pest Services, we do not offer snake [...]