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Mice Viruses Are Implicated In Human Diseases

Mice Viruses Are Implicated In Human Diseases Interestingly, and quite scary, scientific research has shown that mice viruses are implicated in human diseases. Watch this video to learn more. Mice can spread disease and bacteria like salmonella listeria and hantavirus, and they can cause serious damage to your home. If you see a mouse [...]

Dangers Of Trapping Rats On Your Own

The Dangers of Trapping Rats on Your Own There probably are very few people on the planet whose favorite wild animal is the rat. In turn, many will not risk the dangers of trapping rats. Regardless, some will try do it yourself methods. Rats are not particularly pleasing looking, especially wild rats, and can [...]

Do You Have Musophobia?

Do You Have Musophobia? If you have musophobia you better hope you never get mice. Why? Because musophobia is a fear of mice. You could have it because of a bad experience in your childhood or you could just hate little rodents running around your house. Most people don’t like mice, but not all [...]