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How Destructive Are Termites?

How Destructive Are Termites? If you ever wondered how destructive are termites, you need to only ask a homeowner who has had to deal with them. Termites are a pest that you do not want in your home and, if you get them, you definitely want to get rid of them right away. Each [...]

Before You Close On Your New Home

Before You Close on Your New Home At long last, you decided to purchase your own home, but before you close on your new home we have some advice. First, let us congratulate you! Buying a new home is a big accomplishment and your home will be one of your most valuable financial assets. [...]

Are Mice Hiding In Your Home?

Why Are Mice Hiding in Your Home? In the warmer months mice have an abundance of what they need to live, but in the colder months you start to wonder are mice hiding in your home? Most people know that mice don’t hibernate. They are active all year round. But, like any other animal, [...]