Writing Spiders: The Big Garden Spider

Writing Spiders In The Garden Are you curious about the big, colorful “writing spiders” that build webs in your yard that look like they have been written on with a thick, white-silvery text? The scientific name for the “writing spider,” is the Argiope aurantia, and we find them throughout Hampton Roads. Other common names [...]

Do I Have Spider Webs Or Cobwebs?

Spider Webs Or Cobwebs? Are those spider webs or cobwebs in your corners? In fact, “cob” is another word for spider, so cobweb is just another word for spider web; they are the same thing! Regardless of the technical definition, some people use the words interchangeably. Others tend to imply the word spider web [...]

Why Are There Silverfish In The Sink?!

Silverfish In The Sink If you find silverfish in the sink, it’s not because they are haunting your pipes. They usually live outside under rocks and behind bark, but when they come inside, they are commonly found stuck in sinks and tubs because they can't crawl up the smooth sides. When they do come [...]