Hampton Roads Pest Control

Hampton Roads Pest Control Services We are your top pick for the best local pest control company in Hampton Roads, Virginia! We offer a full range of pest control services, including one-time treatments, pest removal, pest management and pest maintenance services. Whether it’s a case of bad termites, cockroach infestation, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, [...]

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Fleas Survived The Winter Inside My Home

Fleas Survived The Winter Inside Your Home? Many homeowners comment that the fleas survived inside through the winter and even increased in numbers. The fact is, unless the fleas eggs are destroyed, they will continue to hatch. Flea eggs are extremely resilient and can survive through many common flea treatments, through the cold winter [...]

Local Pest Control Services

Local Pest Control Services Looking for the best local pest control services? Contact Priority Pest Services for all your pest control and pest maintenance needs. We offer free home inspections!