Warped Hardwood Floors

Warped Hardwood Floors Warped hardwood floors are not just a toe-stubbing hazard, they could mean structural problems beneath your home. If your wood on your hardwood floors is curling or cupping at the edges, there is a reason for it and it should be addressed. Perhaps your home is not well insulated and the [...]

Foundation Settlement Repair

Need Foundation Settlement Repair? Does your home need foundation settlement repair? As your home ages, some natural foundation settlement is to be expected. The soil your home is built on and the wood your home is built with naturally contract and expand slightly. The foundation of your home slowly absorbs these shifts, and sometimes [...]

FEMA Certified Flood Vents

FEMA Certified Flood Vents If you know what FEMA certified flood vents are, chances are you might need them. FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a department of the government that oversees disaster relief. FEMA certified flood vents are vents that meet the requirements of FEMA that assure they are sufficient to protect [...]