How To Get Rid Of Beetles

To get rid of beetles, you need a trained pest expert like Priority Pest Services. The reason you need to get rid of beetles is because they can infest food products, damage home construction materials, clothing and other personal property. If you are seeing an infestation of beetles, this could be a sign of bigger problems like improper drainage, excessive humidity or poor ventilation.

Even an outside infestation of beetles can easily migrate from the garden to the inside of your home and chew through dry food and clothing if enticed and given the opportunity. You don’t want beetles to get cozy and deposit their larvae in your flower beds.

At Priority Pest Services, we know how to get rid of beetles, and we do so with only the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency. No matter how those beetles got in, we can make sure they don’t stick around! Do you need to get rid of beetles? Call Priority Pest Services at (757) 204-4523 for a free home pest inspection.

Why Get Rid Of Beetles?

Why get rid of beetles? Are they dangerous? Although beetles can bite, they are not much of a medical concern for humans except in possible situations of allergic reaction. The major concern is that beetles are notorious for chomping through clothing, dry goods, your landscape plants, and many other items, and they are pests that are not desirable to let live in our homes.

As a homeowner, the concern should be: where did the beetles come from, how did they get in and why are they here? If you are seeing just a few beetles, you may have inadvertently brought them into your house in load of firewood, with vegetables from a farm stand, or as unknown hitchhikers on a backpack or jacket. On the other hand, if you are experiencing an infestation of beetles, we can help. Contact Priority Pest Services today and let us take care of what’s bugging you!

Get Rid Of Beetles Now – Call Priority Pest Services!

Keep your “Beetles” playing on the stereo and out of your pantry and closets. Let Priority Pest Services take care of what’s bugging you. Call us today at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home, moisture and pest inspection!