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Ticks & Tick Bites

Ticks & Tick Bites Ticks are a scary pest problem because they can transmit diseases like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Most tick species feed on the blood of other animals and, unfortunately, this includes humans and our dog and cat family pets. When it comes to our family pets, tick bites [...]

The Importance Of Proper Yard Drainage

The Importance Of Proper Yard Drainage The importance of proper yard drainage cannot be understated. Keeping water away from the foundation of your home helps deter termites and other pests, wood rot and even mold or fungus. If your yard has areas with consistent standing water, you may benefit from a proper yard drainage [...]

Hampton Roads Pest Control

Hampton Roads Pest Control Services We are your top pick for the best local pest control company in Hampton Roads, Virginia! We offer a full range of pest control services, including one-time treatments, pest removal, pest management and pest maintenance services. Whether it’s a case of bad termites, cockroach infestation, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, [...]

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