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Welcome To Priority

From pest control services to crawlspace repairs, Priority offers a full range of services to help you maintain or increase the value of your home. Whether it is termites, other insects, or vermin, whether you need one-time pest removal service, or customized pest control maintenance plan, call Priority to take care of what is bugging you.

Have a standing water problem, leak damage, or drafty spot? We can help you with structural damage repairs, moisture control, and attic and crawlspace insulation inspections and services. This is the Priority Pest family. Let our family serve yours! Call Priority today and let us make you our #1 Priority!

Our Credentials

We are fully licensed and certified by the State of Virginia.

We only select the best technicians to work at Priority who know that the customer always comes first.

We know what we’re doing. We do it right the first time. You can count on Priority for the highest service of professionalism and quality.
In Hampton Roads, we are WAVY 10 TV’s Pest Control Experts.

Our Specialties

Termites & Other Pests 100%
Structural Repairs 100%
Moisture Control 100%
Insulation Services 100%


Our Leadership

Larry Pilkington
Larry PilkingtonPresident, Priority Pest Services
After being in the pest industry for 26 years, Larry Pilkington stepped out on his own with a two-fold vision for the future of Hampton Roads and his family. First, he would create a full-service, one stop company where customers could find all they need to maintain and/or increase the value of their home. Second, he would build a company that embodied integrity allowing him to proudly pass on to his sons, Devon and Jamie. Larry is married to Sherrie and they have been together since right out of high school. Both are natives to this area and share a personal conviction to meet the needs of homeowners here in Hampton Roads and on the Peninsula. “We want the Priority name to represent a passion for service. To achieve our goal for exceptional service, we have established a team of people whom we think of as extended family members. They get the vision and understand that the customer is our #1 priority,” Larry says.
James Hardee
James HardeeOwner of Peninsula Franchise
James Hardee is a highly motivated man. Determined to make Priority the #1 pest service around in both effectiveness and customer service, he constantly researches for the best product and service we can offer. James joined the Priority family shortly after it took flight. He trained and prepared to open a Peninsula branch. When the *Peninsula independently managed franchise, at *(757) 488-8351, was launched he successfully spearheaded the expansion as Owner. He is great at juggling tasks in the office as well as in the field. A graduate of Craddock High School, James resides in Chesapeake with his wife Wendy. They are proud parents of two grown children, Justin and Lauren, whom they adore.
Devon Pilkington
Devon PilkingtonGeneral Manager, Priority Pest Services
Devon Pilkington is our General Manager. He is always making sure things are done right and in a manner most satisfying to the customer. Growing up, Devon pursued a career as a professional athlete and in between seasons and/or training you could find him crawling houses, assisting with repairs and gaining knowledge from his dad, Larry. For several years after graduation he traveled the U.S. and Canada living his dream. After an injury sidelined his athletic future, he wholeheartedly returned to the family business. “As a small business we are constantly aware of the families who depend on us, so we strive hard to keep our customers happy,” Devon says. His positive attitude and determined nature is taking Priority to a whole new level. Devon is married to his high school sweetheart, Taylor, and they are proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Penelope.
Jamie Pilkington
Jamie PilkingtonServices Manager, Priority Pest Services
Jamie Pilkington took an interest in the business from the very inception. He was quick to grasp his father’s vision and contributed our tag line, “You are our #1 Priority.” His hands on approach and willingness to go the extra mile makes him one of the best service managers in the business. “We have a personal investment in this community because we live here,” Jamie says. He and his older brother, Devon, share the exact same birthday but are not twins; three years and four hours are between them. Jamie is a Back Bay Christian Academy graduate and is an avid outdoorsman who loves to spearfish and hunt various game. His easy-going personality combined with an anything is possible outlook results in satisfied customers, as well as the respect of his peers.

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Our Services
Our Services

Our Valuable Team Members

Ted Yager
Ted YagerLead Inspector
Ted has been around the world and back! Being the son of an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, he traveled quite a bit. Ted’s originally from Syracuse, New York but he has called Virginia Beach his home since the 1970′s. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University and during his college years, Ted owned three successful businesses so he is no stranger to the type of work ethic needed to satisfy his customers. One of Ted’s strengths is that he is a straight shooter. You will not hear promises he cannot deliver. That is just one of the reasons our customers love and trust Ted. Ted is married to Barbara and they have a cat named Houdini.
Mark Shockley
Mark ShockleyLicensed Inspector
Mark’s roots are right here in Chesapeake, Virginia. He does a unique job of balancing his residential and commercial inspections, all the while building a strong relationship with realtors all across Hampton Roads. He gives special focus to making their job easier and helping them deliver houses to their clients on, or before, deadline. Mark is one of the original inspectors onboard when Priority opened their doors and is a great asset to the company. Mark is married to Jeana, has three children, Amy, Justin and Jacob, and two adorable grandchildren who love to spend time with their Granddad. His leisure time is filled with officiating local sports.
Ken Lowry
Ken LowryLicensed Inspector
Ken came to Hampton Roads as a Marine, in 1990. He has been in the home improvement business since 1997, and specializing in the pest industry since 2008. Ken’s attention to detail and wide knowledge base enable him to closely work with his clients to ensure the care of their home. He performs all services with the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism. Ken is married to Rosemae who is an RN. They live in Chesapeake and are the proud parents of five amazing children. His leisure time is spent watching his children participating in a variety of sports. Ken is such a great addition to the Priority family. He is a joy to be around and his sense of humor lightens our load.
Jacob Degraff
Jacob DegraffTermite Technician
Jacob resides in Virginia Beach and is known around the office as Jake. He has experience in construction and as an EMT. Jake is always in a great mood and has a generous heart to do whatever is asked. To his credit he is the kind of guy who does not need to be handheld. If he sees something that needs to be done, he takes the initiative to handle it and get it done. Jake once cleaned all the fleet trucks, inside and out, before the work day started without being asked to do so. He just saw that it needed to be done and he handled it! Now how many young men would do that?
Laurie Barnette
Laurie BarnetteAccount Collections
When Laurie answers the phone, you feel like you are talking to a friend. She is pleasant with everyone. Her official title is Account Collections, yet we have very few customers whom she needs to interact with on that level. She gives a majority of support to customer service with her focus on making sure our customers are getting the absolute best experience possible. She is a busy bee, even going to the lengths of eating lunch at her desk so our customer’s requests, appointments and questions are addressed. She works seamlessly with her co-workers, so much so they appear as one moving part. Laurie is a joy to work with and a true asset to Priority.
Gabrielle Shields
Gabrielle ShieldsCustomer Service
Gabrielle is the jewel of Priority Pest. She is super smart and super sweet. Her sense of humor makes her fun to be around and her work ethic makes her a pleasure to work with. Her ability to retain detail and recall specifics of past or present jobs keeps everyone current on what is happening at any given moment. Gabrielle provides support to the inspectors and technicians, as well as our customers. She strives hard to make sure to take care of our customers and the office. You will often hear her end conversations with, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” She is happy to go above and beyond to offer the best in Priority service.
Sherrie Pilkington
Sherrie PilkingtonCustomer Service
Sherrie left the corporate world to come alongside Larry, and her sons, to assist with the daily functions of running the business. Every day, she tries hard to remember to thank each one of the staff for that day’s efforts. “They represent us in the field and on the phone and they do a great job, so I want them to know we appreciate them every single day,” Sherrie says.
This Could Be You!
This Could Be You!Customer Service
While we do not have much turnover in our company, we are always on the lookout for people who have a positive attitude, mature work ethic and understand the customer is top priority. If that is you and you would like to work with a fun team of people and have great benefits, complete our online employment application. We would love the opportunity to meet you.